Word Wise

I have piles of post-its and torn-off paper corners littering my bedside table, my desk, my kitchen, my car, my wallet. And that’s just for starters. Why? What is it about all these bits and pieces that I can’t ever throw them away?

They are keepers of wisdom. The voices of reason. The calls to action.

They are my Quote Collection.

Cheryl Stayed calls quotes “mini-instruction manuals for the soul.” And so they are. Said by one, but belonging to us all, it’s hard earned wisdom that you didn’t have to earn yourself. The insight and clarity from across the ages that, suddenly, sheds light on your darkest night. The encouraging voice when you think you can’t take one more step.

I’m endlessly amazed at the wisdom floating around out there. Coming across just the right quote just at the moment you need it is, to me, evidence the Universe is keeping an eye on us. Quotes remind us we do not walk alone, no matter how alone we feel. Someone’s stood where we stand, and they made it through. So can we.

Thank the Stars these people think to write these things down.

I share my favorites with you in Friday Quotes (under Word Wise menu). Why Fridays? After a long, busy week, I’m usually in need of some perspective. Especially the kind that’s already written down for me.

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